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  • Hey folks, I’m starting up another WordPress install for a creative project and am having a difficult time with categorizing. The trouble is that the contents could be categorized in any one of three ways between product type, genre, and price; neither is mutually exclusive to another. Nothing is for sale, it’s all informational so people can browse to whatever they are interested in. I have been looking at plugins such as the Ajax-Category Dropdown, but run into the initial dilema that it requires “category==>subcategory1==>subcategory2.” Other plugins such as jsearch may be able to get the job done, but they are out of the way, more complex than I want or need, and replace the normal search functionality.

    The idea is that the visitor can select a category (or a combination of any of the three categories) that fit their interests and the page populates with posts that fit their selections (if any).

    I was thinking that having three dropdowns (one for each “type” of category) and a “filter/search” button in the sidebar would be the best way to do this, but I can’t find any plugins that will do the trick the way that I envision it. Does anyone know of a plugin that could help with this? If not, would anyone be willing to help me explore ways to write this?

    Wow…Long message is long. Thanks for checking this out, everyone.


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    I think using three custom taxonomies is exactly what I need to use. thanks, esmi.

    That being said, I browsed custom taxonomy plugins to see if any match what I’m trying to do and as far as I could find, one doesn’t exist. the best way I can explain what I’m trying to do is by using an apartment search as an example. They can choose “1-bedroom” for the taxonomy “Bedrooms,” “1-bath” from the taxonomy “Bathrooms,” and “$1000-$1500” from “Price Range.” Each of these taxonomies would have a dropdown for the viewer to choose what they wanted, and some sort of “submit” or “search” button would find all posts with that criteria. On the same note, the viewer could choose just one, such as “price range,” and leave the rest blank to get a broader range of posts.

    Does anyone know of something like that or willing to give me a direction to move if I wanted to write it?

    Thanks again, esmi.

    What about custom fields instead.

    With these three plugins:
    to manage the input

    to manage ‘access’

    to manage ‘access’

    dewski007, I have a plugin in the works that I think will fit your needs (using custom taxonomies).

    Stay tuned.

    @michaelh, thanks for the suggestions, but I don’t quite think that using that combo of plugins would accomplish what I’m looking for. Especially after heavily researching taxonomies versus custom fields the past few days, I think that finding a way to make custom taxonomies work is the best way to go.

    @scribu, I’ve bookmarked your site and I am looking forward to seeing what you are working on. It seems like your Query Multiple Taxonomy plugin would allow wordpress to do what I need, now it’s just a matter of creating sort methods. Any ETA on the plugin?

    Thx to both of you for your input, I’m going to keep this post open in case anyone else has other suggestions or solutions.

    I am also extremely interested in a plugin that makes dynamic filtering of custom fields easy to manage.

    WP-Smart-Sort-Premium would have been perfect, but is no longer available.

    Looking forward to an update scribu.

    I’ve only briefly used custom-field-taxonomies, but what I did like was the meta_cloud() and meta_filter_box(). If these two functions were extended I could find alot more uses for it.

    Custom taxonomies is a great addition to WordPress, but I have a question, tough. This is quite cool for someone who needs additional taxonomies. However, I think that a similar approach can be used by simply using categories and child categories. This is pretty much what I need in my case.

    since wordpress function to list categories allows you to add/subtract categories, or show only categories which are child of a given parent subcategory, I am pretty sure one could achieve the following example by only using categories. Imagine the following drop-down menus

    -> New York
    -> Chicago
    -> Philadelphia

    -> 1 bedroom
    -> 2 bedrooms
    -> 3+ bedrooms

    In this example, have two main categories (CITY and FLAT) and each one has 3 child categories. The idea would be to have two drop-downs for each category. I am sure this is possible.

    However, the category widget for WordPress is pretty bad (since it doesn’t allow me to pass custom php code for it, such as to remove a specific category), and to do this coding by hand would be a pain…

    any ideas?

    The solution:

    Use WP3.0 with gd-taxonomies-tools plugin.

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