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  • bradbice


    I have a ‘blog’ with multiple categories which represent the different areas of my website. For example, I have “Main”, which will be my front page updates, “News” which talks about the latest news headlines, “Reviews”, “Articles”, etc.
    I need to be able to place these areas at different spots on my front page, and also to have their own pages. Is this possible with WordPress? For example, I need my top 5 entires in the “Main” category at the top, the top 5 “news” headlines in the sidebar, and then I need seperate pages for each of these where people can go to, say, read only the news.
    Any help is appreciated.

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  • maijs


    take a look here:
    also check out and see for yourself if that’s near your wishes (I mean, the idea)..



    Very nice plug-in. However, I believe I am looking more for the multiple blog option that Moveable Type offers. I see this is currently not available with WordPress.
    However, there seems like there should be some way to design different loops that can be placed around a page that will call from only one category or another. Or even 2,3, or 4 categories, or however many you want. This is all I need.
    Instead of posting all of the posts from every category, I just need to have multiple loops that will each display however many posts I need from a distinct category.



    Yes, this is possible. Search the forum for “multiple loop” and amongst other things, this thread shows up.

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