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  • I’m not sure if this has been fixed or not (I’m not even sure if it’s a bug), but before when I used 1.2.2, I had posts belonging to multiple categories, and when I deleted those categories, the number in General (category) would go up by however categories the post belonged to.

    E.g. I have a single post in my blog and I have the categories General, Books, and Films. If that post belonged to both the Books and Films category there would be a “(1)” beside each of them. If I then deleted both categories, I would end up with “General (2)” even though there’s only one post.

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  • Well the count of posts per category is now maintained in the categories table and I tried your scenario and in 2.0.1 I couldn’t duplicate the problem you describe.

    The only problem is the Admin, Manage, Categories, does show the wrong number of posts per category but that is because it is also counting pages in the default category. This problem has been reported at

    Thanks, I have this probelm too… I had a look at that ticket and there is a fix but I don’t understand how to implement it… could someone explain??


    Very soon 2.0.2 will be released and the fix will be in there.


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