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  • Let me explain my problem.
    I have this post that uses multiple categories…
    and categories are being shown as breadcrumbs

    I there a way where I can display 1 specific tree?

    example I have

    game > basketball > teams > team A > players > player1


    announcement > new players > player1

    Now, when I browse game going deep to player1 I will have that first example as my breadcrumb for that page.
    But, navigating through announcement going deep to player1 will also give that kind of breadcrumb. Is there a way to achieve getting the second breadcrumb?

    even using /%category%/%postname%/ as permalink, the url will only use one specific…
    like game/basketball/teams/team A/players/player1/

    well it’s like this,

    1st: announcement/
    clicking new players: announcement/new players/
    after clicking player1: game/basketball/teams/team A/players/player1/

    why can’t I continue as announcement/new players/player1/ ?

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  • Moderator bcworkz


    It’s conceivable for your player template to somehow decide which tree to display from the http_referer field of the request, or from some url parameter passed along by the previous page.

    I have to question if that’s a good idea. As the user in your example, I’ve already seen the new players page, and it is stored in my browser history. If I am shown the teams tree, I have the opportunity to explore teams or team A, somewhere I haven’t been.

    I think it’s more important to show the primary organization than how the user got there, that’s what the browser history is for. There are no doubt many reasons to do otherwise, just my thoughts FWIW.

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