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    Hey! Thanks for making this awesome plugin 🙂

    Is it possible to manage more than 1 catalog and add the respective shortcode to the desired page? Like adding [wp-catalogue “A”] to a page and [wp-catalogue “B”] or this is only intended for one big catalog?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

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  • Well, I figured out how to fix that just by making a link to the specific category of the catalog, but by doing that I found another issue.

    “All products” is showing my products like it should be, but when I click on a category I lost my background page color, like it breaks the css someway.

    Any thoughts?

    Nevermind, found a way to fix it 🙂

    Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    Cool, glad you found a fix and sorry I didn’t see the thread sooner to help you!

    Are you able to post a link showing what you’ve done with it, and describe how you did it (aka the fix) here so other users can see?

    Thanks 🙂

    Can you tell me how you fixed the first problem? How can I set a category to be shown by default on a page?

    @maeve Currently the site is under construction but I’ll post a link as soon as possible! By the way, I noticed another small bug, when you add a smaller image expecting to be scaled up, the resulting image is pretty big and breaks its container frame. So basically I’m just adding bigger images to solve that.

    For my second problem I had to intervene the HTML code because the plugin was eating some of the code.

    While my source code looks like this

    <div id="header_wrapper">...</div>
    <div id="navigation_wrapper">...</div>
    <div id="intro_wrapper">...</div>
    <div id="wrapper">...</div>
    <div id="footer_wrapper">...</div>

    Plugin was showing this

    <div id="header_wrapper">...</div>
    <div id="navigation_wrapper">...</div>
    <div id="content" role="main">...</div>
    <div id="footer_wrapper">...</div>

    I changed <div id=”content” role=”main”> to <div id=”wrapper” role=”main”> to keep my css and worked perfectly, I had to do that for several php files:

    archive.php – Line 9
    archive-wpcproduct.php – Line 3
    single-wpcproduct-php – Line 7
    taxonomy-wpccategories.php – Line 9

    @dragosjinau Hey! It’s a pretty simple solution, take a look at this live version

    When you click on a category, for example “Town”, you’ll notice the URL has changed to “” So what I did was to make a link to a specific category directly from the menu. You will still see the other categories, but “Town” is going to be selected first.

    Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    Thank you for reporting these kromos… Will look at these and implement your fix in next release.

    Thanks! Very much appreciate your assistance to the make the plugin better for everyone. 🙂

    Is it possible to create multiple catalogs, but make them private to a set of users? We’re using WP-Client Plugin on our company WP website, but we to use WP Catalog to create 4 unique product catalogs for 4 different customers that are each password protected.

    Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    Cool idea… but no sorry at present the catalogue can just handle 1 catalogue of products. The plugin has proven quite popular so I might look at further development for some more features like this – multiple catalogues, categories, subcategories etc… in the future

    Hi, I’m sorry but can someone explain to me how I can do the multiple catalogues that was requested earlier (even if it’s just a work-around and not a legitimate feature of the plugin!)

    My information structure is:
    –product 1
    –product 2
    –product 3
    –product 4
    –product 5

    –product 6
    –product 7
    –product 8

    and so forth!

    I would like, on the “gold” page to have Braclets catalogue and Earrings catalogue; and on the “silver” page, to have a Necklaces catalogue.

    I think in the solution suggested above, I couldn’t actually set it up in such a way that SILVER products will not appear on the GOLD page?

    If there is no solution to this, that’s fine, but if someone has worked around it, it would be great because otherwise, it’s exactly the plugin I need! Style and functionality are great.


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