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  • Is it possible to create multiple calendars for use in one WordPress site?

    For example, I’m working on a website for a startup record label. There is one main calendar for every artist on the label, but it would be nice to have a calendar come up for each individual when you visit their artist page.

    I don’t know if it would be its own new calendar, or if it would be a filter from the main site. However it works would be fine with me.

    It would seem like I would be able to create multiple calendars that would use different categories that I would not publish, except to populate the calendars. I would then be able to use logic in the sidebar that would grab the current page, and show the correct calendar.

    I’ve read just about everything I can find, but I can’t find anything about this.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Although I agree that a filtering system from one main calendar (just pulling different categories) would be the best way to do this, here’s a workaround I figured out using Google Calendars..

    Create as many Google calendars as you like. Login to your Google calendar. From the dropdown list of ‘My Calendars’, go to ‘Calendar Settings’. In the ‘Calendar Address’ section, click on HTML. Click the ‘Configuration Tool’ link. Adjust the width and height and choose a view (weekly, monthly..). Changes on the page are made dynamically so you can see how it will look on your WordPress blog. Now grab the HTML and go put it in any page you want. Make as many calendars as you need for as many different pages!
    Hope this helps someone.. took me a few hours to figure out on my own..

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