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    Yes, this should be possible by creating multiple calendars via the Plugins > Availability menu item.

    There will be one calendar named default already there. You can create additional calendars here and use the name in brackets (e.g. default) to display a specific calendar via the shortcodes:

    [availability display=”default”]

    This will display the default calendar, just exchange this value with the required / generated value.

    Hope this helps.

    I managed to create the calendars, but regardless of the name that I put in the shortcode [availability display = “”], default calendar appears.

    For example, I created a calendar called “house01”, and even putting the code [availability display = “house01”] default calendar appears.

    I’ve done the same thing, and cannot get a specific calendar to appear.

    I’ve used the code [availability display=”cabin-1″]

    “cabin-1” is the value for one of the calendars.

    But even though I specify a certain calendar, nothing but the DEFAULT calendar appears.

    This thread shows as being “resolved”, but it is not.


    the same problem, just few minutes ago was trying to make the second calendar dislpayed but see only default…

    Hello… Plugin Author (Steve)… we all love your plugin, but would really like to see a FIX for the problem.

    Any help?

    Plugin Author Steve


    Hi all,

    Apologies for this broken functionality, I have just committed version 0.2.3 which should solve the problem of the additional calendars not being displayed.

    Whilst investigating, I also discovered that the database upgrade script wasn’t quite right and may have caused issues for anyone upgrading from an older version of the plugin and trying to save dates for multiple calendars.

    Please also note that the way to define which calendar is shown is now as follows and described in the FAQs:

    Using the shortcode [availability calendar="calendar-id"] will display the calendar created with ID calendar-id.

    Hopefully this resolves the issues, if not please get back to me and I will try dedicate the time to fixing things.

    Thank you Steve! Seems like it works properly now!

    Multiple calendars is still not working over here.

    It’s still showing only the default calendar. I removed 0.2.2 and installed 0.2.4 but it didn’t help. I went to the database and saw that all the calendar columns were named “default”. So i changed a few of those to name2, but still…. only seeing default. This sucks…


    I am having a similar problem – I use calendars for multiple properties, and all of a sudden it stopped working…

    I did have the dropdown so that it showed the property you selected – now it just lets you select any property but only displays the calendar for the default one…. I’ve started displaying each calendar separately for the time being, but it’s not an ideal solution…

    Is anyone else having this problem and Steve, can you help?

    P.S. Other than this problem I have found this plugin really useful, so thank you very much!!

    I am having the same issue, I have 4 calendars and they are all showing the default calendar. Love the plugin but need to get this resolved asap please?



    I would like to know how we can delete the DEFAULT calendar or rename it so we have 3 different named calendars and default does not appear in the list


    I too have a problem with multiple calendars. I have created 4 calendars, and booked some dates in one of them. Problem is that the booking appears in all the calendars on the pages.

    Is there a fix, or should I look elsewhere for a calendar that works? This really is the plugin that I need for my site, so I am hoping for a solution.


    I wanted to use this plugin.
    Unit 1
    [availability calendar=”default”]
    Unit 2
    [availability calendar=”unit-2″]


    Unit 1
    [availability display=”default”]
    Unit 2
    [availability display=”unit-2″]

    No matter the choice, the resultant webpage always has the same Calendar, twice. I know this, because I set July 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 on in default and left everything off in unit-2 and every time I preview the webpage, there it is, the same calendar twice.

    Will this problem be fixed, ever?

    Hey Steve

    The way I figure the problem is that it simply makes a call to the same mysql table on every page. Could you tell me where to look for that mysql call. ThenI could perhaps try to solve it myself.

    Best regards

    I found this by googlin’ around. I can be implemented in wordpress by simply adding it to your pages via the <iframe>-tag.

    It seems to work, and it is absolutely free.
    Hope this helps some of you out there – I mean now when we don’t get any answers from the author of this plugin. Mega fail!

    Best regards,

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