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    Have the ‘WP Easy PayPal Payment Accept’ V 3.1 plugin in my site (with WordPress V3.6). The main/first button of this plugin is working fine – however the subsequent buttons below it are not recognising my ‘AUD’ currency – instead it is defaulting to USD (even though my default in my PayPal account is AUD, – & I have put ‘AUD’ in the code – & the first button like I said is working fine in AUD).

    When you click ‘buy now’ button, it goes to the PayPal site as per normal, shows the correct figure/amount of the product, but the wrong currency.

    Here are the two buttons/codes currently in my site – what am I missing???…or what do I need to add to this code, or what is the correct code to get this to work?

    BUTTON 1:
    [wp_paypal_payment_box email=”” options=”Product Description:$35.00|Product Description:$39.00″ currency=”AUD”]

    BUTTON 2:
    [wp_paypal_payment_box email=”” options=”Product Description:$10.00|Product Description:$12.00|Product Description:$15.00″ currency=”AUD”]

    Thanks!! xx

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  • Plugin Author mra13


    Can you please post a link to the page where you are using the above mentioned shortcodes?

    Thanks mra13, it’s:

    Button/Currency issue 1:

    Button/Currency issue 2:

    Look forward to hearing from you.


    Plugin Author mra13


    The plugin takes the currency that you have set in the settings menu of this plugin. So have you specified AUD as the currency in the settings menu of this plugin? As soon as you save the currency in the plugin it should take that value.

    Thanks mra13. Yes, I have specified under “Choose Payment Currency” AUD, in the settings section of the WP PayPal Payment Plugin.

    As I am unable to attach a screenshot to show you, I have done my best in terms of ‘copy/pasting’ my settings within my site for you to view.

    Please let me know if/or where I should be checking another area within my settings. – Thanks!


    Paypal Email address: my email address is here
    This is the Paypal Email address where the payments will go

    Choose Payment Currency : AUD (This is one of the default settings I select from the drop down menu within the settings of the plugin).
    This is the currency for your visitors to make Payments or Donations in.

    Payment Subject :
    Enter the Product or service name or the reason for the payment here. The visitors will see this text

    Payment Option 1 : Price :
    Payment Option 2 : Price :
    Payment Option 3 : Price :
    Payment Option 4 : Price :

    Plugin Author mra13


    okay it looks like you have some hidden character in that shortcode which is messing it up a little.

    Go to the TEXT view of your WordPress post/page editor then paste the following shortcode and save the page:

    [wp_paypal_payment_box email=”” options=”Product Description:$35.00|Product Description:$39.00″ currency=”AUD”]

    Now, the currency code will work fine

    Thanks mra13! Not sure what the issue was, but copying and pasting your code above seems to have worked!! Weird…because they looked the same.

    Thanks again. xx

    I am using WP Easy PayPal Payment Accept’ V 3.3 with similar issue but that will only accept the default:
    Thus displaying both payment options, as you can see in this URL:

    But if I want to show only a promo price, as shown below:
    [wp_paypal_payment email=”” name=”Testing & Certificate payment” price=”10.00″]

    it is ignored and displays the default as shown in the URL above.

    Hi Cybertek,

    I recommend you start another topic as this one has been tagged ‘resolved’, so I doubt anyone is watching it to make a reply.

    To fix my issue, I did what they suggested above and it worked – strangely enough.

    All the best…

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