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  • wmconlon


    I’ve looked through some posts here on multiple blogs, as well as the instruction in the codex. It looks like everyone installs a complete wordpress application for every blog. Shelley ( posted an interesting approach using symlinks, but I’m curious if you can install a single wordpress application, and then use apache’s alias directive.

    For example:
    1. install wordpress at /usr/local/apache2/php/wordpress

    2. create aliases within each virtual host, for example:
    DocumentRoot /path-to-myblog/
    Alias /wordpress/ /usr/local/apache2/php/wordpress/
    Alias /wordpress/wp-config.php /my-file-outside-web-root
    DocumentRoot /path-to-yourblog/
    Alias /wordpress/ /usr/local/apache2/php/wordpress/
    Alias /wordpress/wp-config.php /your-file-outside-web-root</VirtualHost>

    Maybe there are some other files that also need to aliased to support other styles and plug-ins. But the essence is that there is a single instance of wordpress (easier to maintain and upgrade). The other part is that configuration info is NOT in the web root, which makes me more comfortable.

    Anyone have an opinion on whether this approach makes sense?


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  • WDuluoz


    Skippy has a plugin to do something similiar to what you are suggestion. Its called vhosts.
    You can find it here.



    Interesting — a single blog used with multiple hosts.

    Not what I’m after, though. I want multiple weblogs, but each using the same wordpress php code. Mostly this is for ease of maintenance, so I only install once, though I configure each.

    Perhaps my experience with non-php (mod-perl, speedy, JRun, Witango) app servers is skewing my perspective on this. But I would think that having a single php file instance would permit mod_php to cache and compile certain components, if not now at least in future versions.





    any plan for implementing this type of functionality in the standard wordpress?



    There’s been talk about multi-blog options in future version of WordPress, but there’s no clearly defined criteria or timeline yet.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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