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  • I am wanting to have multiple blogs, each with a specific subdomain url, but all pulling the same content from the main blog. How do I set this up with the new multiblog option?

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  • Not looking to simply “republish” pages/posts to sub blogs. I am looking for a way to, for the lack of a better term, “map” subdomains to use the main domain’s content.

    I am building a website that will power a basic storefront. This storefront will be used by several different brands, so each brand needs its own distinct url and design. Currently, my plan is to give each brand its own subdomain, such as, and then I would use a redirect to send them to

    This method allows me to use a php query of $_GET, and begin sessions to store the brand’s id, and pull in the appropriate design. Which for the most part works.

    My problem is this… the brands will use this with their clients, and once the redirect is complete, the url will no longer show the store brand id. So when a client returns, if they forget to use the subdomain to get there (say they add a favorite after the redirect), they will no longer get the branding they expect.

    So if I could keep them on the subdomain instead of having to redirect, but use the exact same content (pulling the main blog’s pages) then all my concerns are solved.

    Any help or suggestions are appreciated.

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