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  • I am in a situation where I am looking to create another blog, but have it based on an older (my initial) blog. I want to have both, they will have independent URLs but I want them pointing to the same wp database. That is, I don’t want them to be independent blogs, I want them basically serving the same blog, but they will on different URLs and have different themes and styles. I will then serve their content by filtering on tags (or categories – I haven’t decided yet).

    The backstory is that I have a blog that just has generic posts about nothing and everything. I want to create a more specific blog on particular topics (that I have a heap of posts on in my original blog). My older blog has a flamboyant flare about it, whereas I want the new one to be more serious and professional. Rather than duplicating the posts I can filter the content visible in the blog by categories etc.

    I have a multisite install and I have noticed that even if you have multiple domains mapped, it is the primary domain only that displays. ie, if you have and in the domain mapping and is the primary domain, that when you go to it will go to

    (I haven’t tried that for sometime, but that’s my recollection).

    So I will start with my basic question:
    Is it possible to have multiple blogs in a multisite install, serving blogs on multiple (individual) URLs serving (basically) the same content from the same database and have those URLs/blogs filtered on specific content?

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  • What you want isn’t MultiSite. You want two domains to server the exact same content.

    That’s called domain MASKING 🙂


    and also

    I have multisite because I do host several blogs already, the one installation is good. The first link has some good info, I’ll definitely look into that.

    But now, how to get wordpress to load specific style sheets and exclude (or include) particular categories for each MASKD domain?

    Sorry, I should say: What you’re asking isn’t a MULTISITE question 🙂 It’s about domain masking.

    how to get wordpress to load specific style sheets and exclude (or include) particular categories for each MASKD domain?

    You mean you want a different CSS to load for the masked domain?

    yep, that’s pretty much it… AND, I would like each domain to list only certain categories in it’s blog.

    basically, I will keep creating posts on each of the blogs. Some will get created on one blog, some on the other, and another selection on the third. I envisage doing this via a query against the domain name vs category… If its in the category1 and category2, it goes to both domains. Otherwise, it only goes to the domain it’s assigned…

    I COULD just export and import the desired posts, but if I could continue along my current line as well as create a new one, I’d be happy

    Gaaaah wow. That is complicated 😀

    Have you thought about it a different way?

    What if your main site was a collection of all posts, but it pulled in posts FROM the other domains? Like if you use WPMU Sitewide Tags Pages plugin, made the main site the ‘main’ site to collect the posts, and then used the others as their own. Bring in, rather than push out?

    And you could map the domains to the sub-sites too.

    I like that idea, thanks. No I hadn’t thought of doing it that way. Not sure I can get my head around making it work in that fashion. For me to get this to work, I would have to break up the main sites posts into posts in sub-blogs. And then re-merge them. Sounds more convoluted, but having said that, I can break apart Sitewide tags and see how it does it, maybe there is a way to get where I want to be. I’ll take a look at it.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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