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  • Hi there,

    First, I’m a neophyte of the wordpress-verse, so please excuse my future lack of grace or knowledge.

    I run a student-run magazine, and so far we’ve been extremely successful at running daily articles on our blog. However, our layout is not geared towards displaying photoshoots. As such, I’m trying to st up a second blog, themed to show photo content. Is there a way I can run the tables so that the second uses a different prefix for options and posts, but retains the same one for users, etc?

    Thank you very much!

    P.S. Something similar has been detailed here:
    and here:
    but wordpress has changed a great deal since then.

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    Before creating a second WP blog for the same site, you might either:
    1) just create a category e.g. “Gallery” and create a category template e.g. category-gallery.php. Code then style it accordingly.
    2) wait for WP 3.0 where with one installation, you have your main blog and as many sub-blogs as you want and import users from main blog to gallery sub-blog for example.

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