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  • hi everyone, i have a question about installing multiple blogs on the same url. I currently ahve a hosting plan with go daddy and set up some friends with a blog on my hosting account.

    all is working fine, but I can only have one blog running. currently it is installed in a subfolder like this:

    i was hopeing to install a wordpress blog in the root of, but when i installed it, it crashed the other blog, and also didnt work on the root either.

    any suggestions?

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    Put it in a subfolder – blog2?

    Or possibly look into

    If both the blogs you are installing are using the same database then installing will overwrite / muck up one of the blogs.

    For the new blog either, install it onto a new database (if your hosting doesn’t charge for multiple databases, then a good option).

    Or simply change the prefix that wordpress uses in front of its database tables. Load up wp-config.php for the new blog you are installing and change the line:
    $table_prefix = ‘wp_’

    Change the prefix to whatever you want e.g.
    $table_prefix = ‘wp2_’;

    Then one blog will use the prefix wp, and the other wp2, perfect.

    Hope it helps.


    Jeremy Clark




    I have searched for a solution to my problem in the WP forums so I’d very much appreciate you input to my situation (and thank you in advance!):

    I want to install a separate, second blog within my domain. My initial blog is installed within a subdomain and when I set itcup I I copied index.php and .htaccess to the root directory of my server to make it work (per WP’s instructions).

    I created a new subdomain for my second blog and I decided to create a new SQL database and separate WP install.

    I read the forums and the oft-quoted Installing Multiple Blogs codex, most attempts at multiple WP installations seek to use one database.

    I have found that although my first blog continues to “work” when linked from the primary domain ( the second blog ( won’t work – I get a blank screen. This is despite the fact I ensured that blog2 has its’ own index.php and of course, custom wp-congfig file for the second database.

    How can I get both blogs to work? I still want my primary blog to work from the primary URL, and the second blog to be invoked when the subdomain is entered.

    I am quite confident the issue is the index.php file in the root (that’s necessary to get my primary blog to invoke); if I edit that file to direct to, then the second blog functions and the primary blog crashes. There must be a way to edit index.php to make both function. Or …it’s possible that .htaccess is to blame here but I don’t understand its functionality.

    Index.php in the root seems to be what’s messing things up here, but you have to have it – can anyone suggest what to do here?

    Thank you!


    Hello again,

    I created a new forum topic for my query here.

    I will leave this thread unresolved as that’s how I found it.



Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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