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  1. buzz1
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I created a network. Within my network I set up 3 separate blog sites. Feature, Lifestyle, Entertainment.

    I want to all 3 blogs entries to appear on the homepage of my website. I can do it with 1 blog but how do I add sections where 3 blogs can appear one one page from each of those blog sites I created.

    For example: On my homepage I want a feature section that has the first post from blog 1. Then below it I have a lifestyle section that I want the first post from that blog 2. Then below that I have an entertainment section that I want the first post from that blog 3. I have all these blogs already set up through the network I installed for word press.

    How do I incorporate 3 blogs into my homepage?

    Ive searched everywhere and can't figure this out. Please help.


  2. You can pull in all the post via:

    Or, you can edit the theme itself to switch to each blog for each section, and pull the posts normally.

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