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  • I’m not seeing this so I assume it’s not a feature, so this is a feature request; this might be something major enough to plan out for a 3.0 version really….

    I’m considering hosting multiple blogs on one install of WordPress. This means many bloggers, many blogs, individually themed, but one code base. Upgrading, thus, becomes easier due to centralized management.

    Consider first the example of an open source software dev team, let’s call it BLONG. There’s maybe 40 or 50 core developers; today, this is 40 or 50 WordPress installations, individually managed and controlled, and individually upgraded (you hope).

    Instead, consider that BLONG’s core devs set up a WordPress, with core administrators. Every core dev gets their own blog on this code base. This isolation gives:

    • Their own blog title
    • Their own blog description
    • Their own plug-in set
    • Their own themes

    Blog title and description are easy. Active theme and plug-ins are easy. Implementing isolated theme or plug-in addition is hard because each user needs his themes to stay under his control, so he can update them to new versions yet he can’t trounce all over other users’ themes or force them to update/downdate their plug-ins.

    Other considerations include schema modifications and such for the database, but… like I said, this is a big feature request. It’s a possible plan for the next major, not a minor enhancement you’ll put into 2.3.

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  • Hmm, so it exists but it’s 1.2.3? :/ Security…

    You might want to check out a newer method, described here:

    This is for regular WP not WPMU. A couple weeks ago I used it to install 5 blogs on 1 code-base and it works. It was surprisingly easy. This week, I upgraded that codebase to 2.2.2, and it worked again – all the blogs were upgraded. Awesome.

    for Dgold : I’ve been trying to follow Stephen Rider’s multiblog-readme.txt to the letter, but there’s something I’m consistently doing wrong. I’ve started from scratch several times now.

    I’m pretty sure the symbolic link is established, but when I go to install the second blog, I get back a “404-no file found” error message.

    I assume I’m interpreting the setup instructions incorrectly with regards to what goes where or I don’t have the directory tree quite right.

    I’m frustrated because you make it sound so easy, and hope you can save me from walking away from what appears to be a great use of WP.



    amadeus, sorry I didn’t see your post for 7 months. I’ve got a bit more time to work on wordpress right now, and in this time I have discovered that Stephen Rider’s Virtual Multi-blog (VMB) has been upgraded! Check his site again for the latest.

    It still works, easier than ever according to people who have installed it starting from the latest version. The old-version of it I installed a year ago still works too.

    Just make sure that symbolic link points to the right place. If anyone has further questions I recommend checking Stephen’s blog about VMB

    It’s really one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen on WordPress

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