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    I’m sure there’s a fix to this, I’m just a bit of a noob, so I can’t make heads or tails of the situation. Any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated.

    I own two domains that I want to have blogs on, lets call them and for the sake of convenience. I’m hosting both through GoDaddy, because I heard you can host multiple websites on a single hosting account.

    I installed WP on no problem, but GD forces me to register as a subdirectory to Because of this, I can’t install WP on the root of, instead having to install it on Not only that, but and are mirrored (aliased maybe? Not really sure how that works), so any change I make to one effects both.

    How do I get around this? How do I make and completely separate and independent? If I try shifting the index.php and .htaccess from to the root, they’ll overwrite

    GoDaddy’s help system has been of exactly zero help, as they completely fail to understand what the issue is.

    If someone could help me, I’d be greatly indebted to them, because they would be super, super cool.

    And use little words, if possible. Like I said, I’m still pretty new at this whole shebang.

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  • but GD forces me to register as a subdirectory to

    Assuming you have the correct account type to host multiple domains, say that domain b is called–I believe you can create a folder called and then point your domain to use that folder as your ‘root’ folder.

    Thanks for responding!

    On your advice, I created the directory and installed WP on that. Is that what you meant? Because right now
    seem to have no bearing on each other.

    Thanks again for your help, but any idea what I should do differently?

    Here is what they forget to tell you at godaddy. On Windows hosting you can host multiple sites but you won’t be able to see each individual site on the management area or when you install WP. You have to be on their linux hosting to see each individual site as it’s own domain.

    Here is one way I have heard to get around this.
    I have several names registered.

    Let a name you don’t care about be C
    set it up as your primary domain which will have the \ root directory
    create a folder called A point to this folder
    and a folder called B point to this folder

    Now when you install WP only will be visible if you are dealing with a windows host
    choose that domain and then install into the appropriate folder A or B
    I have yet to try the second install but I have read it works, I am about to do so therefore if I have trouble I will come back and update.



    I did already read that, but you reminded me, and thanks to you I found out where I screwed up. When setting up the new domain, I left the folder field blank, assuming it would work from root. It doesn’t. So now I set up from scratch, using a folder

    It’s working now, and I feel like a bit of a twerp for not having figured it out earlier.

    The only issue now, is that is publicly accessible, so I might try something like this

    Thanks for your help!

    hi, I am having sort of similar issues with hosting on linux.

    not sure if this is exactly what you’ve experienced as well. I am pulling out my hair trying figure out ways around it. but may just end up buying another hosting package everytime I need to launch a new site. here’s my dilemma:

    I have 3 domains:,,

    Installed WP on:

    Root = A domain
    Root/sub-dir-B = B domain
    Root/sub-dir-C = C domain

    WP-admin works fine when I use:

    however, or C/wp-admin also seems to pull up /

    And when a user visits “” or “” it’s all good, they get taken to the respective WP-sites and sub-dir, but if the user types “ or” they get taken back to the Root, which is “”.

    Yes, I’ve tried redirects, both HTTP, and Directory specific. The results were either 404, or themes completely disappear from or seems to be the dominant. Tried http.access, only breaking everything altogether. also tried ‘settings’ in wp-admin to point to dir, 404 again.

    The desire is to have multiple domains all pointing to their respective sub-dir, without user having to type in the entire “” to get there. user should just type in, or to get the correct redirect.

    Tech support was zero help, and scoured the web for answers, nothing either. So ended up buying new hosting packages everytime for new wp sites.

    am I crazy ? sorry if this sounds basic, but I am pretty new to this and would love to hear if anyone has a similar experience.

    Thanks so much in advance!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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