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  • Hey everyone. Quick question: I’d like to be running two blogs on a single site/domain. How do I do this? Is it possible?

    I noticed that you can create a Page where the template is Blog. What I was disappointed to learn is that no matter how many pages have “Blog” as the template, they all draw from the same pool of posts. There is no “Blog 1, Blog 2” etc.

    You are essentially creating multiple blog pages with the same content. But this is not what I want.

    I simply want to be running two blogs with differing content. At first, I thought maybe I could use the Categories creatively, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to limit a page to a single Category.

    I’m sorry if this not specific to CSS or theming. I wasn’t sure what forum this belongs in. This could fall under “Hacks” but I really don’t have that level of proficiency with PHP to do such a thing.


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