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    Hi everyone. Ok, I have 4 blogs set up on my hosting account, using subdomains. A few months ago I set up the first two, one on my main domain ( and the other on an add-on domain (, which works off the /driveinphoto subdirectory). Everything went well with these installations.

    However, I tried to set up two new blogs yesterday on new domains, and am having difficulty. I changed my nameserver settings at the registrar, set up new SQL databases, used a brand-new download of wordpress, changed the settings in config file appropriately, and installed. The install “worked,” and the admin pages work fine. However, my blogs aren’t there. One domain is showing up entirely blank. The other is redirecting to my main domain name (index page). Can’t figure out why. I’ve checked the settings and the settings are the same for these 2 new blogs (I mean, using the same structure, new names) as for the older one that does work. Any ideas??


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  • In case it helps, the new domains are:


    If using cPanel, there is your ‘main’ domain, then other domains are called add-on domains.

    Typically the ‘main’ domain web-root folder is public_html, and the add-on domains are in sub-folders of the public_html. Sub-domains of the ‘main’ domain are also typically in sub-folders of the public_html folder.

    Might want to review Installing Multiple Blogs and if you are using the same database for all those domains, make sure you are using a different $table_prefix in each wp-config.php file.

    Yes, I have the add-on domains set up. The web root folders are correct, with one folder for each sub-domain inside public_html. The databases are separate, so I don’t need the stable prefix.

    Any other thoughts?

    A ‘not completely intact’ set of WordPress files?

    Well, I’m not sure what went wrong the first time, but I deleted, cleared the databases, and re-installed, and now they both work fine. Thanks.

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