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  • Hi all. I’m Hue. I come frome Vietnamese.

    I have discarded the option of having a ID that identifies the blog (“$BID”) passed as another parameter in just one b2 file tree, as I’ll always have a few guys who will want to change the CSS etc and I’d upload their changes manually in a case by case fashion.

    So I wan to reproduce the whole tree structure in a new directory that represents each user ( /blogs –> /blogs/usernick ).

    By the way, to have PHP create the files is a permission nightmare, but that’s another story (I’m already scared of the chmod 777 to upload pictures).

    Then in each function that uses a SQL query, I’d add $BID in the list of globals, and then I’d insert in the WHERE clauses: WHERE BID = $BID AND …(original WHERE condition).

    This gives flexibility; the $BID can be assigned from a passed parameter or it can be taken from the current path using __FILE__. This second option is the tricky part I’m not so sure about (not how to implement it, but its soundness and security issues).

    In the database I’m adding a field BID to each table, so that I only need 1 database and the same tables, game ibet88. The other option (that doesn’t scale so well) is having a set of tables with different names per blog, that may good for a few blogs.

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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