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  • Hi everyone,
    I’m a quite new wordpress user, migrating from textpattern.
    I was wondering if it’s possible to have multiple blogs on one installation. My site’s structure looks something like this:

    • Index (News)
    • Blog
    • Static page#1
    • Static page#2
    • Static page#3

    I want to treat both the news and the blog section like a regular blog with categories, tags, comments, archive etc.

    I’ve searched the forums but didn’t find any answers to this.
    I’m on WP 2.7 btw.

    Thanks in advance. 🙂

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  • Ryan S


    No, you can not get multiple blog with one installation. You can use MU WordPress, but it is much complicated and I dont think you should use it for a small purpose.

    You can use the new wordpress in a sub folder and link it to your home page.

    Thanks for your answers.
    But perhaps I didn’t were clear enough.
    What I need is a couple of “sections” on my website that have blog-like functions like comments etc.

    For instance:

    * Index (News section w. comments, recent posts etc)
    * Blog (Blog section w. comments, recent posts etc)
    * Static page#1
    * Static page#2
    * Static page#3

    Is this hard to achieve in the same installation?
    This was really easy back in textpattern.

    You can do it two ways.

    1 – First option is to have index.php to pull only the “News” category, and a copy of index.php named “blog.php”, to pull everything else, except for the news category.

    It will look like two loops, but the recent posts on the sidebar will appear for both.

    You can do this by using query posts

    This way, the static pages are part of the same blog.

    2 – Second option, which may be more what you want, with completely separate recent posts, etc., each being a separate blog.

    You can use the same theme and header, so it is seamless.

    There is a great video made by a member of this forum, Figaro, which tells you how easy it is to set up a separate blog under the same domain, using the same database.

    How to Create Multiple WordPress Blogs Using a Single Database

    As for the static pages, with option 2, you can have them set up in blog 1, and have links in the menu in blog 2

    Thanks a lot!

    I will look into this right away! 🙂

    @buddha trance: Thanks.

    @moonshadow: For an example, we’re using separate blogs tied together as one at the link below.

    Home is the home blog…Teachers, Students, Administrators, and Community are separate blogs all using the same theme and database. Lots of advantages and flexibility with this set-up.

    Thanks to all involved for this thread. Figaro, the bgwp server seems to be down. Is this condition permanent? I’d like to view the site as I’m also working on a similar problem (using four blog posts on one page).

    A friend of mine wants to have two sites and I’d like to help him use one hosting package (unlimited databases, unlimited space, etc). If I set up 2 directories, can I install WP in each directory and use separate databases for each? I’ll have a domain pointed to each directory and each will look different.

    I have WP Setup in 6 directories on one of my sites. When using the install program you can use different dbase prefixes and use one mysql database for all the sites.

    You can also use 2 different databases if you prefer. WP is very flexible.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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