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  • Here’s the blog I just implemented:

    It looks nice, but now here’s what I’m trying to do… I want to have a “main” blog that is shown when the blog is first visited.

    Now that people are looking at the main blog, down the sidebar I want a list of “sub-blogs” that are completely separate for practical purposes… each artist will be able to create their own blog (but those posts are NOT part of the main blog… only seen when the author’s name is clicked).

    This is my first wordpress implementation, but I’m good with PHP/MySQL… I figure I need to use categories in one way or another, any ideas?

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    You can use categories, sure, for a single WordPress installation. However, since you’re good with PHP/MySQL, have you considered using WordPress Multi-User aka WPMU.
    Set up sub-blogs in subdirectory structure or in subdomain structure (which is domain-mapping structure).
    WPMU is scalable with one upload directory for a regular plugin and another for themes. Each artist has his own blog with his own theme. If artist leaves, just archive the blog and when new artist comes in, set up his own blog with own pages/own contact pages. This gives artist and Site Admin access to site and no one else unless permissions are given to other users.
    Main site can aggreate latest post from each artist or latest photo as well.

    Categories would do the trick, but I second mercime’s suggestion for WPMU. Your artists will also appreciate the ability to customize their own blogs a bit.

    Hey SohoPress,

    Just visited your site, and you’ve accomplished exactly what I want to do. So each of your authors has their own blog, right? And each one can write their own posts on that page? I want to do something similar, but I don’t want userA to be able to edit or post on userB’s page/blog. Is that what you have going on?

    And did you use categories in the end?

    Cheers, and well done!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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