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  • I’ve just shifted into WordPress, and I do think it’s the best blog software I’ve seen so far. ^_^ Great work to the people behind it!
    Anyway, I just have a little problem. I’ve searched the forums for these, but got no answers.
    I was just wondering if it’s possible to have multiple blogs in one page? Like there are two frames in the site, where one author’s blog post will be appearing in one frame, while the next author’s post will be appearing in the second frame?
    Please help. I’m really desperate for answers. 🙂

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  • Two different blogs, by definition should have two seperate URLs.
    However, you could just have one blog and display posts from two different categories, it that makes sense.

    Thanks for the reply. Let’s say I settle for just having one blog, and then having two categories. Is there any way in which I can put posts under Category 1 into Frame 1, and then posts under Category 2 into frame 2? Can WordPress recognize which posts go into a particular part of the page?
    Sorry if it doesn’t make sense, ^_^.

    I don’t think you can do that. Not sure. I think you have to install 2 wordpresses and then linking them to the frames

    Sure, no longer familiar with frames but you could have two pages with a loop in each specific to the category you want to display.

    My understanding of WP is that you would have to have two different sets of WP installed on your server, with separate databases as well as two separate index.php (separate folders maybe?) I have done it before when I was running my blog and my reviews site on the same server, I am sure you could do the same with yours, just using the frames as the two separate pages. But frames is the only way you could pull it off, that I am sure of. Hope this helped 🙂

    Frames isn’t the only way. You could use PHP Includes (WP is PHP so if you can use WP you can use includes). Make a div and put this code in it…

    <?php include ('path/to/your/wp/install/index.php') ?>

    Good point! I always forget about that particular set of coding. I rarely use it.

    Is there any way to grab the content of two separate WordPress blogs (that is, blogs from two different wordpress installs) and put them in the same html page?
    I’m not talking about frames or anything. Rather, taking the database content from two separete blogs and literally outputting that content from one script (say, index.php)? Obviously, I cannot do something like this:
    I’m trying to make a page which aggregates the content of two already-made blogs. Thanks,

    anon@ I’ve read somewhere on this forum about a solution using RSS – but I cannot find it now 🙁

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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