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  • Hello!

    I have made the blog

    I now want a seperate page (within the blog) that will show a “shop” kind of page. New products for sell will be put up as “posts” similar to the ordinary blog. How should i do that? When i create a new “PAGE” its not possible to post entries for that specific “shop” page. Should i create another blog and then make it into one (Two wordpress blogs – one site)?

    Ive also heard that you can do something with category templates? But i dont really understand that? Because i dont want it to be shown on the FRONT actual blog page under categories, a category named “shop”. Nor i want the front page to show ANY entries thats been made under the category “shop”. I want to have a LINK that refers to a page that shows “shop” entries ONLY! (also it would be nice to have some difference in layout, for example the about page on the left top sidebar shouldnt be shown etc.)

    Thanks for helping out!!

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  • If you want to separate your blog into two big categories, say it ‘Blog’ and ‘Shop’ and don’t want to display every post on ‘Shop’ category on the blog page, then you should create templates for that where each templates will query post from specific category.

    But the best way on yourproblem is creating a page to display your ‘Shop’. What do you mean by “When i create a new “PAGE” its not possible to post entries for that specific “shop” page” … ?

    You can post entries on PAGE.

    Ohhh ok! Where do i put the code for query posts? Is it in the sidebar then since it handles the script of what it will show in the sidebar ?

    What i mean by when i create a new page is that when u are in the admin section, you can see on the left hand side “pages” and “create a new page” then the permalink is something like: or something, and a new PAGE is created with the description that youve written in the administration section. But i cant seem to figure out how to post seperate entries for that specific page.

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    I suggest you to use permalink to see how page and post is different
    Go to “Setting” -> “Permalink”, and choose from the options there.

    To use query post, you have to make a custom template page and upload them into your theme directory and use it by selecting it on the right section of your panel.

    Read :

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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