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  • I’m using the Multiply plugin to create multiple blogs on my site. However, this question doesn’t have to do with the plugin directly. The way I am using it leads to the creation of numbered tables in the mySQL database:

    wp_ (default)
    wp_1_ (new blog)
    wp_2_ (new blog)

    There are two major problems with this: (1) cross blog searching, and (2) sitewide settings. It is the second I am concerned about (although if you have a hack for the first, that’s great too!). I believe WordPress has multiple blogs on its todo list (if I understood correctly), but in the meantime I was hoping someone could help me with a mySQL command or a quick PHP script I could use to copy the majority of the default blog settings to the other blogs. The only things that I think need to be excluded in the copy is the few items on the first page of options (such as blog name and blog uri). Everything else I want to be identical (theme, activited plugins, all other options, etc.)

    Unfortunately, I’m not very good with mySQL and PHP. I’m usually pretty good at modifying things and getting them to work, so if someone has a base idea, that might at least get me going! I am fine with having to manually run a script or navigate to a specific page manually – no interface needed.

    Thanks for any help!

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