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  • durango9r


    I am redesigning the website for our school district in Durango, CO to use a CMS instead of the hacked together way we are doing things now ( I would like to try to use WordPress to put this together.

    The entire main site will use the same general theme (similar to the site listed above). There will be no true ‘blogs’ but there will be 4-6 ‘news’ blogs for different departments in the district (Public information office, Human Resources, news from the Superintendent, etc). I would like all of these news areas and many other pages (using Pages) to share the same general theme (with some fairly minor differences in different depts.).

    On the forums I have seen ways to do multi-blogs but they don’t seem to share the theme. Kind of defeats the purpose if I would have to change nav links etc in several different places 🙂

    Can I do this with WordPress? Or do I need to look elsewhere for a solution?

    Thank you for any assistance.

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  • moshu


    For starters: WP does NOT have muiltiblog functionality.

    You could use the categories for the different departments, if you go with a single install of WP, and using Category Templates to give them a different look.

    It would need a lot of tweaking and customization to set up a website like the existing one with WP – but it’s not impossible.

    I don’t have time to analyze in details the structure of your site, so I can’t really tell whether WP is the best solution or a different type of CMS.



    So when someone posts to the Job Postings category (for example) it could show up on the front page of the Human Resources area of the site? A post to District News could show up on the main front page, etc.? and I can control the look using Category Templates. That sounds perfect. And I’m sure there are ways to limit what categories that each department can post to.

    Our page should be a little simpler after I move it to WordPress/other CMS. It’s definitely convoluted and difficult to use and maintain at this point.

    Thanks moshu. I will research more on how to make the Category Templates work.



    1. If you want to display posts from different categories in different areas of you main page – you’ll have to look ate the home.php template file (see Template Hierarchy) with, probably, several customized Loops.
    2. You use the Category Template to “control” what is displayed on that category’s so-called ‘archives’ page: the listing of posts assigned to that category. To make the individual post in the category to have the same look… you may want to take a look at these plugins:
    3. For limiting who can post where… see plugin

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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