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  • Hello everybody,

    My website is running a classic WP. I wish to install three blogs on this current WP installation. (parent WP)
    blog 1 (child)
    blog 2 (child)
    blog 3 (child)

    I was wandering if there were any precautions I must take into consideration… during the installation could there be any eventual conflict in tables/databases.

    I wish proceed doing other sub-blogs and not categories, because i want each blog to seem as its own website, but part of and be very customizable.

    Thanks in advance for any heads up or comments regarding my approach.

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  • what you should do is what I’ve done:

    My domain is and I have several websites within the domain under subdomains such as and

    What I’ve done (and the SIMPLEST thing for you to do) is used my cPanel to create new subdomains, then install fresh wordpress installations on each subdomain, thus effectively having several websites on your domain. From there, you can create an index.php or .html and place it in the /public_html/ folder and code it so that if someone tries to go directly to they will have the choice to see whichever of the 4 websites you wish them to see. Another option is to have people be automatically redirected to your favorite (or most popular) blog.

    I guess you can have multiple blog by using wp_category_list()

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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