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  • Kaptain Amerika


    I would like to convert the main page of my WP install to headlines coming from multiple bloggers, who’s posts automatically save to their respective user pages…

    I have users set to “contributors” currently

    can some one point me in some directions for editing a template to do this?

    thanks for any advice in advance…

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  • moshu


    who’s posts automatically save to their respective user pages…

    You will have to explain this – because there is no such feature in WP. After your explanation we’ll see what to do.

    Kaptain Amerika



    when a post is made it automatically shows on the home page… a preview of the blogger’s post, then when you click on a headline, it goes to the archived page of that post… this is how it works now…

    I would like to have users to have a home page of sorts, where their individual posts headline or preview there as well as the home page… but only their posts.

    for instance…

    you arrive at said website and find a list of bloggers on the right… bloggers A, B and C… there are previews of everyone’s posts on the home page… small one line headlines and maybe a photo… if you click on the headline it goes normally to that article’s page… but on the right… the links to bloggers… those are their pages where these same headlines with into to an article are previewed and listed just for that contributor….

    so using this same preview mode that currently lists all articles on the home page…. how to make that show on individual pages just for one author… say pages Blogger A’s Page, Blogger B’s Page… etc..

    does that clarify…?



    Couldn’t that be done just by using categories?? Just set up categories that are named after each poster:


    Then, they could just post under their named category, and all their posts would be there.

    Maybe I am misunderstanding.

    Kaptain Amerika


    treat me as a total noob to word press… so I have no idea the capabilities…

    so I would just instruct new bloggers to post to their category?

    and then if they didn’t I could move them…

    but no way to default their post to the home page and their own category?



    All you have to do is create the categories.

    When they post, they can choose the category to post under, which would be their name. It is really easy, just use the pull down box and pick their name.

    When you go to the main index of your blog, it will show posts from all authors.

    In the sidebar, will be links to each category (Authors Name). By clicking their name, it will show only posts by that author.

    If for some reason the author forgets to choose the correct category, an Admin can go in assign the post the correct category after the fact.

    Hope that helps. Kinda sounds like what your shooting for.

    Kaptain Amerika


    yes I think that will work… I’m trying it now…

    Kaptain Amerika


    yes it worked… I think this will solve my issue… thanks for the help.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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