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  • Hi Everyone,

    This topic has been covered before. And, lawd help me, I’ve tried to understand the problem. So I will try to be clear with my problem, and hope some assistance can come to this quasi-luddite.

    A designer created a great site for me ( On this site, I have a blog page, which I update about musings and gigs, and I also have a Cabinet of Curiosities, which is update with odd things.

    I wanted both pages to handled like separate blog pages. By that I mean, I wanted the Cabinet of Curiosities page to be able to be updated, sorted by category, etc. Just like the blog page, but with different content.
    This seems to be a problem. But I don’t know why.
    Right now I the Cabinet of Curiosities page is updated, but all the updates go to the bottom, rather than the top where someone coming back can see them. Also, it is just one long sting of updates.

    Any assistance in this would be great. Then perhaps I can talk to my designer like less of an idiot.

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