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  • Are there any programs of any sort that allow one to more easily manage many wordpress sites from one interface?

    I’d like to start up several new WP sites, but I don’t look forward to installing each one, setting up plugins in each one, upgrading each one once there is a new release, etc.

    Each blog would still need to be able to have it’s own independent theme, and be fully functional as if it were on it’s own.

    Is there anything at all like this?

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  • With MU, can each blog still have ALL the same features and functions and same themes as a regular WordPress setup? Can I import the themes from my existing blogs right into it?

    Does MU get all the same upgrades at the same time WP does?

    Here is a comment from a user about it on another forum:

    “I’ve tried using it, but I was disappointed with the results. It also doesn’t provide WordPress for multiple domains as far as I can tell (only subdomains), and what I really want is a centralised installation of WordPress that I can use for lots of sites.”

    Is this really true about the multiple domains? That would kill the deal for me.

    The folks at the mu forums would likely be MUCH more helpful:

    Might have a look at Lyceum as well?

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