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    I noticed, that I get 3 backups for one job and I have no idea why.

    My WP is multisite and it seems like backups are done for each parts of the multisite separately but contain the same data. So multisite has always a main management site and then at least one (in my case two) subsites. ManageWP is enabled at network level doesn’t show on proper pages, only on admin one, but still, does 3x the same backup (admin+2x subsites).

    The same happens for each cron-based jobs. When run manual, I get only one backup file, which is correct. Why cronjobs multiply job incorrectly? How can I fix it?

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  • I have the same problem: BackWPup generates two backups for one job. First I thought it’s because the one site is available with https: and http: – but now this also takes place on another site, which is only availble over https: . The problem occurs only after the last update of the plugin, before that it works fine. I use DropBox as backup destination. If I start the backup job manually, only one backup ZIP archive is generated.

    I would be very appricated on any suggestions to solve this problem. Would it be e.g. worth a try, just create a new backup job?

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    Maybe the problem is also related to the change from summer to winter time last weekend – no update issue indeed. I use Berlin as time zone setting in the general settings section of wordpress, so wordpress manages the time change twice per year. Because a single backup job is executed two times, about an hour apart, this could be the cause of the problem.

    Is it necessary to set the time with UTC+1 (winter time in Germany) and UTC+2 (summer time) mannualy to get proper scheduled backup jobs?

    Or are there other problems with WP chron jobs?

    That’s an interesting theory, although why 3 copies instead two? Also the sites mentioned in log are:


    Also, I have set a daily database backup and I get two copies of each backup since 20th October (or maybe longer, but I have no older backups).
    And yes, before it worked all right (for few years) but I recently moved site from hosting to VPS and changed from http to https so those can have something to do with it, but my second site on the same VPS server has no issue with the multiple backups.

    WordPress cron seems to be working ok, but I will check server logs tomorrow morning, after the Sunday scheduled backup.

    We’ll see tonight what happens and let you know.

    OK, I checked and I see no server errors for this event. I got two backups for one cron job:


    So I guess, the third one was really because of time change. Still, it doesn’t explain why I have two backups for my site and two backups for database.

    I run this WP multisite since few years and I always had correct one backup for the whole site, now, it seems like the subsite was triggering another cron event but I have no idea why and how to fix it.

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    This problem is related to this:
    Please go to that link and we will try to resolve 🙂

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    Thanks, will check it.

    Thanks, I also will check it.

    Fortunately, the problem has not occurred again. In my case (double execution of a backup job) I think it was only a temporarily problem concerning WP cron, due to the change of summer to winter time in Europe. So now all is fine and I don’t need to use external cron jobs and can keep pseudo cron jobs by WP.

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    @felix76 Cool, Great to hear that it working fine for you, this issue would be fixed in very near feature, we are now working on a workaround for this kind of problem 🙂

    @michaldybczak, Could you please tell me about the status of BackWPUp on your website now? Is it working fine?

    Btw, If you find BackWPUp is useful for you, we would really appreciate if you leave a positive review and rating.
    This would encourage us to develop new free features and provide free support 😀

    I moved site to another server and issue still persists :(. Both jobs (daily database backups and weekly full backups) are doubled all the time.

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    Hi @michaldybczak
    Sorry, but I couldn’t reproduce this error from a long time :(, but here is the working solution, could you please test to see if it work?

    So you just need to modify backwpup/inc/class-cron.php, right after line 16

    if (get_current_blog_id() != get_main_site_id()){

    add this line:

    if (get_current_blog_id() != get_main_site_id()){

    I heard few reports that add this line fixed the problem.

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