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  • johnsonmr1


    Hi all,

    I have the Gazette theme from WooThemes and am with the site

    What I would like to do is when someone writes a story on our news site, for them (the main author) to select other authors on the backend that might have worked with them on the story and for those other authors to show up with the main author on the post on the site. In other words, I need to have the ability for multiple authors other than just one author to show up on the post.

    I tried searching for this on here before, but I could not really find anything, but I know someone has had to have needed this before. I tried installing a few plugins (like CoAuthors and CoAuthors Plus) on and while I can see the plugin on the backend and you can select other people that wrote the story with you, those other names do not show up on the post in the front end, which makes the plugin seem fairly useless for everyone I think.

    If anyone has anyway I can fix this plugin to how we need it or tell me which file I can code information into one of the .php file to make this feature work, that would be extremely helpful. Thank you.

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