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    Is there a way to leave messages and communicate with other admins/authors …i need an easy way to notify them or for them to notify me if need be?
    any ideas???

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  • found a plugin incase anyone else was interested… it’s not exactly what i was looking for, but it’s pretty good. thanx to the creator and here is the link

    …if anyone does come up with any other ideas tho. i would appreciate it!

    i found to other alternatives after a few more google searches… and first of all i should mention that the above link is ok, but it’s small, hard to use and it’s basically just a sheet of paper. it’s not set up like aim or anything like that.
    so i went searches for another alternative and i decided that it’s best to have something off of wordpress (even thought i couldnt find a plugin that was incorporated into WP)… the reason for this is incase the site goes down and i need to let people know what’s going on…
    so first off i heard recommendations about which is good but you have to invite people and you have to login every time (but you have a custom url)… which kind of sux, but overall it’s 100 times better. the other one is which you can set it so people just have to remember the url (uses random numbers). i’m using campfire now just because it fits my needs better, but it’s up to you… hope this helped

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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