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  • I downloaded the WordPress Stats plugin and it works great – BUT it is not allowing my other author to view the stats. I used the add user to view stats function and made him an administrator. He is always already an administrator on the blog as is. Suggestions?

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  • Is there any way to allow an editor to view stats in the dashboard? Is there a permission level setting?

    I found the way to add users, but they still do not see the stats in the dashboard.

    It looks like they are only visible via the global dashboard, correct? Slightly disappointing, would be nice to allow certain users or levels of users to view them inside our blog dashboard.

    This is exactly what I’m looking for. In stats.php, this occurs twice, and appears to be an access control check:

    !current_user_can( 'manage_options' )

    I tried changing these to:

    !current_user_can( 'level_2' )

    According to the codex, “level_2” is the old level-based access control mechanism. Level 2 should give access to authors (and above). The stats widget did, indeed, show up. However, the stats would not populate for non-admin users.

    Does anyone know how to properly fix this?

    I understand a little more now:

    Changing the code (shown above) allows the Stats widget to show up on Author (and higher) users’ dashboards. However, the Stats plugin requires the user to also be logged into their personal account (in the same browser). Plus, that account must have access to the stats in question.

    This is a truly complicated system. I think I’ll drop this stats plugin for one that just works locally on my WordPress installation (without some external service integration).

    Any suggestions?

    “Do a search and replace in stats.php, replacing every instance of manage_options with moderate_comments. Works for me.”

    Dave Kaufman


    I am the admin for a client’s WP Install and they wanted to see the stats and not be bothered with anything else. I wanted them to visit to see their stats.

    The best I could do was:
    1. sign them up for a username for with a valid email
    2. add that person as a subscriber to install
    3. visit the stats plugin page on and add their email (note for ease of use I made the username on and the same)
    4. direct them to’s stat page via link where they had to log in first and then they could see their stats.

    Overall – thumbs down on this convoluted process.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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