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  • Hi folks,

    Can anyone recommend a hack or plugin so that a single post can be attributed to more than one author?

    Background: I’m setting up an academic journal. We have a staff of editors. The editors copy accepted articles into WordPress and create a WP account for the articles’ authors–that way readers can click on an author’s name and reap the benefits of <?php the_author(); ?>. The authors themselves never use WordPress.

    The most relevant forum topic thus far is here: It references a plugin called “Multiple Authors,” which is flawed slightly. The plugin confers author status to anyone who edits a post–which in my case would be the admin and up to three staff editors. No good.

    So can you figure out how to assign multiple authors to a post, almost as if the “Post Author” menu in the Write Post screen were a checkbox list rather than a one-choice pull-down menu?

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  • And just a quick addition, the Multiple Authors plugin is capable of doing what I describe–with a combination of custom fields and commenting out some lines of code.

    But it still seems like there should be a more straightforward way.

    I’m looking for this as well. Any more info?

    I’m interested in seeing a solution here as well – I run a college radio station’s local news show, and each post that contains a podcast has contributions from 3-4 different reporters. I’d like to set up a way for people to sort posts by author, but this would only matter if I could assign different reporters as having authored one post.

    Maybe there could be some kind of hack involving categories here? I haven’t been able to figure one out though…

    Over in land, we usually suggest tagging the posts with the authors as categories.

    I’m somewhat of a n00b when it comes to using categories w/ parents — if I create a category called “reporters” with each person as subcategories within that, is there some way to have each post’s description section (the part that says “this was posted [mm.dd.yyyy] by [author] in categories [cats]”) to treat a certain type of category differently?

    as in, could it also display something like: “this features contributions from [all categories that are children of the “reporters” category, separated by commas]”?

    I know this involves a call to “the_category( … )”, but I don’t think that allows for any selection of categories. is there another solution?


    I’m totally into this too, and I posted yesterday to the WP Ideas area

    The author tag thing is a suitable workaround, but I have ‘legacy content’ from about 40 authors that needs to be imported. Can I suppress the ‘author listings’ in the sidebar’s category listing?

    (I’d still prefer a proper lookup table in the db, and a scrolling box with checkboxes next to author names in the editing area of the admin.)

    35 votes so far over at the Ideas area, anyone care to vote it up?

    Other people want this too, see here, and here

    I wanted to add to this. I managed to do this pretty sucessfully – thought I’d share my solution.

    I’m running 2.3 – so I don’t know how it’ll work on older versions. But I got Kafka’s “Get Author Profile” plugin. Then basically, I used that plugin to get all kinds of userdata. I also use the Role Manager plugin to set Roles. So, since authors, etc (anyone below level 4, I believe) can’t edit other’s posts, I used the Get Author stuff to obtain the user level for my authors – none of which are above level 4. I used an “if” statement with the “Multiple Authors” plugin – so that if the user level was euqal to or less than level 4, *then* the secondary author would be displayed. But if the user level was *above* 4, then their info wouldn’t be displayed. So the admin. Editor/whatever could go in and edit to their heart’s content, but it wouldn’t put their info on the site when they did so.

    You can also just manually add the secondary author in the custom fields – just put in the user’s login name as the “other_author” value. Bam. Works like a charm.

    I find the Multiple authors useful to add several authors to a post. You must be aware not to add yourself in the process as author since it may do it automaticaly.
    Apart from that it works fine.
    You may then use another plugin that provides you the list of all the authors posts, including the ones that he shares with other authors.
    It is the plugin: Author complete post list.

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