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  • Hey, all:
    I know this has been covered (I am still searching the forums but having no success.) but I want to know how to make multiple blogs with multiple authors.
    I am reading the documentation and checking the hacks section, but just thought someone might be able to point and say: “Hey, stupid…it’s over there.”

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  • multiple blogs from a single installation is still in TO DOs.
    multiple authors in a single blog is as easy as adding authors manually in the blog backend. (USERS tab)

    Excellent! Well, WordPress doesn’t do as much as I require, but I like the environment, so, I will stick around. I will keep checking back.

    sure do. u never know when the multiblog WP turns up! 🙂

    What would the *recommended* solution be then if WP users wanted to explore multiple blogs? I reckon it’ll be multiple installations of WP into the same DB but under different table prefixes yes?
    For example, WP installation 1 uses the prefixes ‘wp1_’ and the 2nd uses ‘wp2_’.
    If this was so:
    1. What about the physical WP files? Would they need to be installed in 1 directory or would 2 directories need to be created for each seperate installation?
    2. How would one go about calling entries from both blogs? How would the WP header inclusion be like then?
    I’m suprised that although this has been written about as in “it can be done!”, nobody has written up enough documentation for an ‘appropriate workaround’ in the meantime. Oh well, I’m sure someone will pipe up! Cheers…

    a hack wont be worth the effort.
    now that WP support index and wp files in seperate directories, they already have made the first step!
    the main thing would be seperate config and index files… 🙂

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    Someone is cooking up a multiple weblog emulation hack complete with admin interface and a tutorial for 1.2. Official multiple blog support is high on the TODO. We know you want it.

    Can someone correct me if i’m wrong, but wouldn’t having seperate WP directories (which is now supported BTW) and sanitized archives mean just:
    1. Having 2 wp-headers in the top of the page.
    2. Create 2 seperate loops for the blog text.
    Now that should work right?
    BTW, how does b2evolution do it?

    This from the Requests & Feedback forum:
    Posted: Mar 10, 2004 15:19:47 #
    Just to clarify, you can have multiple installations of WP in a single database, just change the table prefix in your wp-config.php file when setting them up.
    and this one..
    Posted: Feb 12, 2004 21:26:04 #
    I’ve done a bit of a hack to allow multiple blogs to use the same DB, different content tables and the same user table. What you get is different installs using seperate content with the same user base. It’s not perfect, but it does work.
    since I have two separate sites on the same server with only one sql server paid for; I would like to host 2 separate blogs on the same db, but keep the wp files -blogs and as much of the program as possible too, on each domain space separately, then have the site or both of ’em sort of link to the db remotely. Then the web admins would feel some autonomy, as well as having mostly only their own files to deal with.
    Anyone know if this offsite placement would be more of a problem then just adding these files to the root of the same site as mentioned in the pasted ref?

    It would be very helpful if there were developer thoughts available on how they intend to implement multiblog in the source so that people who are trying to hack it in could attempt to keep their hacks reasonably compatible with future releases.

    so what you’re saying is, we can’t have 2 blogs on the same domain yet?

    Shelley Powers has instructions and a plugin/hack for running multiple WordPress weblogs from one admin interface.

    and it works! 🙂 well, as far as creating another weblog. I haven’t done the switcher part, but at the moment, I don’t really need that, and will play with it later. *G* now I’m trying to figure out the photo hack. Just wanted to say Thanks Burningbird!! (shelly 🙂 I appreciate the step by step instructions 🙂



    I am using the latest version, 1.5.3 and I can NOT authorize any ‘authors’. If I do what you say above, all I can do is just manually register a person, with no author rights, there is no nothing for me to give them author rights. I want to be able to list people I know that do writing, which is very important for blogs, to be able to ‘start’ an ‘article’ and post it themselves. Only me, the admin, is an author. I have gone to the ‘USERS’ and created new ‘users/authors’, but this is not clear, it does NOT give them ‘rights’ to start and article and post it. I can’t as the ‘author’ and admin give them these rights, there is NO place on this form to give them the rights. If you tell me the same thing over and over again, then tell me the exact step by step what I will see, what should I do, exactly. Otherwise, this is something that needs to be placed and emplemented in the WP ASAP. Currently, there is ONLY one author, the admin.



    TekMan, no need to post multiple times on this:

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