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  • Is there any way I can display simply the ‘name’ and ‘description’ of each Author in the Sidebar? Much like is done here:

    Aside from doing it staticly, I’ve tried everything. I thought I had it figured using a second loop in the sidebar, but as soon as one Author posted a second entry, their bio repeated.

    I’ve downloaded every Author-related plugin out there to no avail (most wouldn’t work with 2.1 anyway it seemed). Any ideas? I would have thought that it would be a feature that a large amount of people would desire?

    Any help would be most appreciated.

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  • Why not just open up the theme’s sidebar.php file and hard code them in?

    or are you expecting your authors to keep changing?

    Yeah I’m expecting them to change. It kind of defeats the purpose of a dynamic site if you begin hard-coding in data that’s already stored in the database though I think.

    I’ve hard-coded it in for the time being, but I’m hoping to find a solution soon. Seems as though it should be so simple.

    I’m still in desperate need of a way to do this. The only other method I can think of is to query the database manually but that seems too cumbersome.

    Anybody else had any joy doing anything similar?

    Why not use the author tags?

    …because the only tag relating to the profile is this one which will only display the profile of the author of first-displayed post. And apparently accepts no parameters.

    So that’s why I’m not currently using author tags. Some other fellow may know of a way for me to use them for my intended use that isn’t currently written up on the Codex, and that is why I have posted here. Do you know?




    2.1.x allows the use deprecated functions, of which list_authors is one.

    as long as deprecated.php is being correctly called and included inside wp-settings.php

    require (ABSPATH . WPINC . '/deprecated.php');







    those arent going to list administrators btw.

    If you want something more similarto what that site has it would be easy enough to do with a plugin. Thought of learning how to write plugins?

    That said though, youre still going to query the database.

    The only other method I can think of is to query the database manually but that seems too cumbersome.

    Use a plugin == query the databse
    Code it into the sidebar == query the database.

    6 of 12 or 1/2 dozen, take your pick. Quite simple enough to do if you know a little php

    list_authors and wp_list_authors are great if I just want their names and links to their respective pages, but I don’t, I want their profile description too.

    I will endeavour to write a plugin for it, I guess I’m just suprised that somebody hasn’t already done it, and even more suprised that it’s not included in the core release. It seems like something many people would benefit from.

    I’ll keep this thread updated.

    Consider taking some of the logic from Kaf’s and using it in your sidebar.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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