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    I would like to know whether or not WordPress would still function correctly if I installed it on two different Apache servers and pointed both to the same database perhaps on a third machine.

    It seems to me like there shouldn’t be any problems. But I would also like to use the staticize reloaded plugin (wp-cache 2.0 comes up with an error on the options menu). So how does a cache pluggin affect this scenario? Would I have to make the cache folder available to both using an NFS or something similar?

    Thanks for your comments!

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    In theory, each Apache server would hold its own cached copy of the content, so you wouldn’t need to use NFS.

    If the two servers aren’t load-balancing a common domain, then you’ll likely have trouble with respect to permalinks and such.

    Thanks for your reply!

    The servers would be load balancing a common domain.

    I guess I am confused as to how the staticize pluggin works. When does it update a cached file? The readme says you can flush the cache by editing a post/comment. I am worried that one will update its cache because of a user action, and the other will not.

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    I’ve not used any of the caching plugins, but yes, editing something causes the cache to be rebuilt. In your scenario, using seperate caches would cause only the cache on the server from which you edited a post to be refreshed. So perhaps an NFS shared cache would be suitable.

    What kind of volume are you expecting? What are the server specs? This draft aims to evaluate some of the issues involved with hosting WordPress in a high-traffic scenario. Remember, it’s a draft; it should be read as a guideline, and not as a definitive recommendation.

    I’ve been given the task by my company to offer a blogging solution. Initially the traffic shouldn’t be that great, but I have to make sure that things will perform well when the site becomes popular(1,000,000 visitors/month?).

    We don’t have the servers yet, but I would guess they will be something like 2 – 3Ghz+ Xeon, >1GB ram. We’ll be running some sort of load balancer. We will have other websites hosted on these servers as well so they will come down on me if I bring things down :). Sitting behind these two servers will be a dedicated machine for our database.

    Thanks for your comments.

    I think that a better solution than having an NFS would be to expire the cached pages after a certain amount of time. Isn’t this how wp-cache works?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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