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  • Just updated to get benefit of Answer explanation but got the usual responses that scoring had stopped working for multiple answer questions.

    It has been reported just about every update but to bump it here (so that I can also find it easier next update!):

    In Lib/Wpsqrt/Shortcode.php
    Around line 359


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    // TODO Insert ability to set point per answer scores
    $incorrect += $questionData["points"];
    $answerMarked['mark'] = "incorrect";


    if ($questionData["type"] == 'Multiple' && $questionData["points"] > 1)
     $partial = floor(($questionData['points']*$subCorrect/$subNumOfCorrect)-$subIncorrect);
     $correct += $partial;
     $incorrect += ($questionData['points']-$partial);
     $answerMarked['mark'] = ($partial > 0)?'correct':'incorrect';
    } else {
     // Incorrect single answer question or multiple worth 1 point
     $incorrect += $questionData['points'];
     $answerMarked['mark'] = "incorrect";

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