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  • I am using WP as a CMS for a website I run and have discovered a problem. I need to be able to allow some people features and others not. its not too important but at this time I need to allow two more users to be able to edit all the posts. (basically give them Admin Powers)
    but i can only raise their level to 9.
    is there a way via sql or such i can raise them up to the powerful and awsome level 10?

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  • I don’t know if there are any other complications in adding another administrator to your database, or if WP even cares and just treats it like another account, but the appropriate SQL you’re looking for looks something like this:
    update wp_user set user_level = ’10’ where user_login = ‘loginname”;
    That’s it. I just hope you know how to send sql commands 🙂

    what does an individual with 10 have that 9 does not?
    other than 10 can edit 9’s content and not vice versa!

    “other than 10 can edit 9’s content and not vice versa!”
    ” I need to allow two more users to be able to edit all the posts.”
    I think that’s exactly what he’s looking for Sushu 🙂

    well keep the admin locked in some safe for catastrophe’s
    and make the 2 guys 9. thats what i did on one of my blog.

    but 9 can’t edit my posts. I need them to be able to edit my posts because I am horrible at writting [lol] engrish is my first language

    u can get urself a new user with the power of 9!
    leave the admin for emergencies 🙂

    Roy Tanck


    Did anyone try this? It’s easy enough to change the setting in the database, but will WP like it? I have a similar problem to the one the topic starter has. After importing my entries from MT I found that my posts had been asigned to a new user, and I had an admin account at the same time. I’d like to merge these. First step is probably to make my regular user admin, and then delete the actual admin?
    Ooooh… scary… 🙂 I might skip that second step and leave the ‘extra’ admin… hence my question.

    I host and develop blogs for several people, and keep myself as the admin becuase, well — I have a lot of administering to do.

    But the user should be able to do the majority of tasks within the blog without me relinquishing my *10* status as admin.

    If level 10 is possible, it should also be possible to set somebody else to level 10. co-admin situations, etc.

    I just went into PhpMyAdmin to manually change him to level10; I’ll let y’all know if I encounter any weird conflicts in the future.

    For now, he can edit his own links (ugh, I hate that word) so all is right with the world.

    er, I don’t hate the word “links” — I hate the word “blogroll” that I replaced without deleting the gloss.

    No weird conflicts, so far. Multiple level-10s are no problem.

    I just wish I didn’t have to use external software to set this.

    User levels 8, 9 and 10 have exactly the same level of capabilities (see Codex). Hence, the ideal approach would be what Sushubh suggested and leave admin for emergencies and instead set up multiple accounts with level 8 (including yourself).

    But as level 8 and 9 users (according the to Codex) and only edit pages (and posts AFAIK) that belong to themselves of users of a lower level it still does not solves the problem of having two users who can both edit everything.

    so is the phpmyadmin solution to having more than one level 10 user safe? can anybody else confirm?

    I’ve found that this still doesn’t work for Pages. If you give someone the user_level of 10, they can edit all posts, but they can’t SEE the Pages – even though they can edit them with an “edit this page” link on the blog. It’s just that the Manage Pages screen doesn’t show any Pages existing.

    Is there an easy way to give a user full access to all Posts AND Pages?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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