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  • I’ve been struggling with this for the past two days and I have replicated this issue on 2.1 and 2.1.2. Both Fresh Installs.

    I’m logged in as admin. Immediately after adding a second user and setting them to Administrator, the Write Post page will not completely load. If I change the second user’s role to something other than administrator, the write post page will load successfully.

    I’m running this on XAMPP, which is running MySQL 5.0.20-nt. PHP is 5.1.2.

    Is there a work around to have multiple admins? This is for a group blog that we all need admin access.

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  • CORRECTION: The Write Post page will work again if I set the second user to Subscriber (not just any other role).

    This may be significant in that Subscriber is the only role that does not allow access to that page as far as I am aware.

    I have a setup like this using 2.0.9, on a normal host provider online. It works perfectly, so it may be something specific to xampp?

    [Edit: more specifically, I have myself and another person set as admins, with different logins, and the entire write page loads and works just fine for either of us.]

    That seems possible. I just checked my personal blog, which is running at 2.1 on an IIS host. That has myself and the admin account both set as administrators.

    XAMPP runs Apache. I believe the version its running is 2.2.0 (Win32).

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