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Multiple accounts

  • I love this plugin but since the new twitter api 1.1 you can only use it on your own application account. Is it not possible to use the same consumer key etc to view other accounts? Once I’ve entered my auth code it locks me into my username. So if I want to have a tweets from another account it means I need to log into their twitter account and create an application. Is it not possible to change the username so I can keep the same consumer key and auth code for multiple accounts?


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  • I have the same problem… other Twitter plugins don’t seem to have the same restriction, so it looks like a bug in XHanch MyTwitter. You’d expect to (still) be able to create different profiles aligned to different accounts, but you can’t. I hope XHanch fix this… I can’t find another WordPress Twitter plug-in offering the same customisation and functionality.

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