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  • Hello,

    How is possible to give several access levels for a single user with PMP ?

    For example, There is 3 access levels : PRD1, PRD2 and PRD3.
    Each one is for a specific product.

    When a user sells the PRD1, I have the PRD1 access level.
    Several days later, he sells the PRD3.
    I want him to have the 2 access levels : PRD1 and PRD3.

    How is possible ?

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  • This is not possible in the current release of PMPro; it’s a well-documented design limitation. The developers are working on a 2.0 version that will support multiple membership levels. In the interim you might be able to use the Addon Packages plugin to do what you need with PMPro:

    Last week I came across a plugin that you could use along with paid memberships pro that may be able to create this effect. You can check it out.

    As far as I’ve figure out, Konnichiwa controls subscriptions but not registration so if you use the ability of PmPro to register users, you can use Konnichiwa to handle multiple subscriptions that are available to a registered user. When I tried konnichiwa, I saw that a user (or users) can be subscribed to more than one subscription plan that expires on different days/weeks/months.

    Try using them together. I think it could be a possible solution for things like this. Good luck!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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