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    Hello, is it possible for 2 developers modifying the same wordpress website at different location and using xampp?
    if yes,is there any plugin that allow for it?

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    You’d have to modify XAMPP to allow external access to Apache. This is generally a bad idea, XAMPP is intended for local development, it doesn’t have all the security built in to function as a public webserver. You’d need to add restrictions to allow only certain trusted IPs access.

    Your XAMPP has no domain name assigned to it, so it would be accessed by it’s current IP. The other problem is nearly everyone’s ISP puts clients on dynamic IP allocation, so not only does Apache’s IP change from time to time, but the trusted developer’s IP you’ve allowed will keep changing too.

    The site will eventually go on a normal hosted server at some point, right? Why not install a development site on that server in a subfolder, then move it to root when it’s ready to launch?



    Has two ways for you solve this problem.

    • Use a free shared host, like [providers redacted].
    • Use a git server to version your code

    A shared host you be like a XAMP server, you shold configure NetBeans to edit and sync your code live to your shared host.

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    thank you
    could you suggest a possible example as i’m new in that field



    Using NetBeans you can create a new project, based on a remote host.
    Using SSH or FTP, you can download and uplaod all files of project to the server online, other way you can configure netbeans to upload a file to server as soon as it is saved.

    See more about on this video:

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