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  • Hi,

    when I activate the plugin and switch the E-Mail type of a woocommerce E-Mail to multipart (woocommerce=>settings=>e-mail=>e-mail type: multipart) it seems that the plugin does not use the plain text templates.

    I’ve tested this by copying the template with the copy button and modyfying it … with activated plugin the result was an ugly text e-Mail where fields were misplaced … then I switched of the Email templates plugin and everything works as expected and a wonderful text mail could be seen ….

    Any ideas how to solve this, ?!? Especially in onlineshops you must guarantee that an e-mail can be read AND interpreted in the right way ….

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author Damian


    Hi, let me see if I fully understand the issue. The text email from Woocommerce it’s not being sent but the html email works fine. That’s what are you saying?

    Thread Starter okrz



    what I mean is the following. When you switch to woocommerce => settings => emails and then select an email reason (e.g. new order) you can find an email type field where you can choose between 3 types of mail ….

    a) plain text
    b) HTML
    3) multipart

    Plain Text and HTML do their job fine … BUT multipart NOT …

    For multipart mailing you can edit normally 2 (not only 1) templates … No. 1 used for HTML and No.2 for plain Text … the reason is very simple… this should guarantee that an email can be read in any case and on absolutely any mail browser …

    You can check that the plugin does not work correctly very simple … when you use e.g. use thunderbird … you can set the message content to Text (instead of HTML) … you can see that the text that is displayed is text generated out of the HTML mail … NORMALLY there should be text that is generated by the 2nd Template for plain text (other plugins handle this right and present the plain text template contentz …)

    Hope that will help to make it a little bit more transparent for you …


    Plugin Support gonzalesc



    I have changed in my “new order” in email settings to Multipart:

    and when an order is placed, the email arrives well. With the same format that I configured in the plugin

    Do you have a screenshot about error in your email?

    Thread Starter okrz


    You are right …

    the HTML part of the E-Mails arrives in the right way … BUT the text part NOT ….

    You can easily check it ….

    a) switch for an E-Mail the type to Multipart ….
    b) send yourself an E-Mail from Woocommerce (!) e.g. generate an order or whatever (and inspect afterwards the order confirmation mail)
    c) E-Mail arrives and seems to be fine in HTML layout
    d) IMPORTANT: switch your mailprogram to text only mails …. so that the E-Mail will be shown in pure Text Mode … (in Thunderbird this can be done by Ansicht=>Nachrichteninhalt=>reiner Text…. not sure, I believe in english something like … View=>Mailcontent=>pure Text)
    e) have a look on the pure text mailcontent … parts seem to be partially misplaced and the whole mail can not easily be read ….

    PHASE 2:
    f) switch off your plugin
    g) do exactly the same then before (steps a-d)
    h) have a look at this result … looks totally different and much nicer because 2nd template (text template) was used by woocommerce to generate the multipart text part now … !

    Hope that explains the problem in detail,

    cheers, Olaf 😉

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