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  • Good morning great wordpress and community,

    hope all of you are very well.

    I know this topic has been discussed widely yet as i read so many different infos about it i can’t stop asking here to get a clear answer on this.

    Is there any chance that multilingual site support becomes a core feature of wordpress?

    I am aware of third party products/plugins like wpml yet no need to elaborate that third party is always the second choice …

    As multilingual site support is an essential feature for upcoming projects I would love to use wordpress for I hope I can get some clear answers what I can expect regarding this.

    Thanks buddies


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  • esmi


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    Personally, I don’t see this getting onto core any time soon. The actual number of users who want/need multilingual sites is fairly low, so they are probably best served by plugins for the time being.

    Thank you very much esmi for your evaluation of the situation.

    I played around with some of the free plugins a while ago and none really made me feel comfortable. Is there a particular plugin anybody can recommend? One problem I had with the plugins I tested was that the way to input language dependent content was never really intuitive, the “ease of use” for editors for which I like wordpress very much was pretty much gone, particular having in mind that “non tech” editor will add the content once the site is up. The heart of the problem seemed to me that with a plugin you just dont have the freedom to design multilingual input as you would have if it is handled as a core feature.

    Any suggestion in which way to go with wordpress and multilingual sites very appreciated. Is running multiple wordpress installation probably a safe way to go?



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    I’ve not used any of the language plugins myself but seems quite popular.

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