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  • HI,

    So I am quite new to wordpress, but I can do some basic stuff and Im a quick(ish) learner.

    I want to build a multilingual site. I have been reading about it and it seems a bit complicated and a lot of hassle to update.

    I only want to use 2 languages and the website will have 30 – 50 pages per language. Every page will be completly mirrored in both languages.

    So my question is, rather than doing it the ‘proper way’ and having different languages on different wordpress installs, could I not simply create a page in english and publish it to and then create the same page in spanish and publish it to

    I could do this throughout the site and it would work fine, right? I can have the little flags at the top of the page which link to whatever page you ae currently on in both languages.

    The advantage I see with this is that I can easily optimize the title tags and so on for SEO for the particular language.

    Am I being stupid?


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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