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  • I am working on a site that needs to be in both in English and in Spanish. I have looked around and seen that there are a couple plugins that will do site translation. Can anyone speak to the reliability of these plugins?

    My other option is to build an English version of each page and a Spanish version of each page. The landing page of the site would be a “choose your language” page. Is there anyway to make it swapable? So for example if I was on the English “about” page and wanted to go to the Spanish version, I could just click a button on the page?

    Many Thanks

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  • As experimented since 4 years when building multilingual websites, there is no single solution, it’s depend from the content strategy and the navigation you want between the translated pages. (and the universe for each language) (WP or plugin don’t translate, there organize data in CMS and display them.) You must also consider if the plugin modify or not the database adding tables. Technically (data model), I think plugins based on custom taxonomy (language) to assign posts and custom post types and using switching between .mo files (containing translation as in localization) for theme template terms are more interesting.
    The plugins competition is great (more than 12 plugins identified) !
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