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  1. ysan
    Posted 3 years ago #


    My first steps in multisite and I could use some help...

    I'm trying to make a bilingual multisite :

    - http://www.domain.com/english
    - http://www.domain.com/french

    The closest I come to the above is :

    - http://www.domain.com
    - http://www.domain.com/english and/or http://www.domain.com/french

    So, how to only have 2 subdirectories (/english and /french)

    Kind regards,


  2. You don't. You'll need to have all three. Multisite won't make a SUBsite on it's own level.

  3. ysan
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi Ipstenu,

    Thank you for your input. Have been looking for this since a long time.

    Do you think it can be done by Domain Mapping? I have been trying the plugin but I don't understand it to much.


  4. No.

    Domain mapping does this: Turn domain.com/french into french-domain.com

    But you still have to install in domain.com in order to map the domains.

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