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  • Good morning,
    I will try to explain properly what I need. I have 3 domains for the same site. These domains are in 3 different languages because I want to build a website with the same topic but in different languages. Now, what i want is that when visitors click on the english domain they go directly to the English page where you can find the links for the other two languages as well. If you click on the spanish flag, then you will be redirected on the spanish website with the spanish domain name. How can I do this? I am not an expert, so please, be very specific!
    Thank you so much

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  • Hi there,

    Since you have 3 domains, I believe you will need a WordPress network install and domain mapping plugin.

    Ideally, you will start with creating the main site first, and then you can use the Site Template plugin to create a template so that you an copy it and translate it. And then proceed with the domain mapping.

    Reason why I choose this method is because you have 3 domains. Hope that helps.

    Hi!thank you very much! Since i did not start filling the site yet, do you suggest me to do the wordpress network install first, then download the plugin and then the do the mapping?

    By the way, my hosting is bluehost. Probably i should point the domainsvto bluehost first? My primary domain is already up and running

    Yes, you’re right.

    Do let me know if everything is clear. I hope your issue is resolved. If you have other inquires, kindly post on the related forum.

    Thank you for using WordPress! 🙂

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


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    Yes, install WordPress, activate multisite, make your subsites, THEN map them 🙂 Nice job, Mohd 😀

    All the process is the one although my hosting provider is bluehost?

    I mean, I installed wordpress from Bluehost so I have no clue where I can find the wp-config.php or public_html/…

    You can follow the guide link I provide above on Create_A_Network. But here, I provide you a basic guide.

    I have done a bit of Google and found this link which might be relevant to setting up WordPress Multisite on BlueHost


    ok, I have found it! The problem though is that I don’t want to create subdomains… I just want to add different domains to have different views of the site…. I am quite lost now…

    ok, I have created the network but when I try to create a new site it tells me Missing or invalid site address…

    I’ll try to be attentive and solve this issue.

    Do you mind to give me:

    1. The main URL of your site
    2. The subsites that you have created

    We need to first the network of sites. Then, we will use the domain mapping plugin so that each subsites can be mapped with a different domain name (ie – mainsite, – subsite, – subsite).


    I haven’t created any subsite because it gives me Missing or invalid site address. Though, I am putting to create a site. Maybe I should put and then change it when I do the mapping?

    ok, I have created it as a subsite. should I do the mapping first and then point it to bluehost?

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Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 26 total)
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