• Hi! i am creating a multilanguage site, i have already decided the type of structure: 3rd level domain. the supported languages are italian, english and german.
    based on SEO preferences, how should they be named beetween:

    http://www.it.nomesito.com —-or—- http://www.italiano.nomesito.com
    http://www.de.nomesito.com —-or—- http://www.deutsch.nomesito.com
    http://www.en.nomesito.com —-or—- http://www.english.nomesito.com

    my goal isn’t to reach a particular country. EG It is important that my site in german reachs all the people who speak german in the world, and not only mainly the country Germany (whose acronym is exactly “DE”).
    I would like that a german, who in (for example) the usa lives, can see my site by searching it on google with (about) the same probability of a german, who in Germany lives.

    therefore i think it would be better to write (for example) the URL domain of the italian site “italiano” rather than “it”, and “deutsch” rather than only “de”, that google can understand as a association to the country instead to the keywords

    I await your valuable opinions
    thanks in advance

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  • Just off the top of my head…

    Google does not care so much about “de” or “Deutsch” as a subdomain.

    while it’s not a big factor….they tend to put some emphasis on the tld of the domain for locale.

    What this means is that “somewebsite.NL” would theoretically have some advantage over somewebsite.COM in google NL….although only by very little and if all else is equal.

    From an SEO point of view, short is always better.

    You might also want to set your preferred address to http://yourwebsite.com instead of http://www.yourwebsite.com

    One more thing I would like to mention is that you should let google know that all your pages…not matter what language they are…. are under the same umbrella of your main domain.

    Use canonical tags

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    @j09 thank you for your answer.

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